Email widget settings (to help reproduce issues)

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If you are having problem with Bubble Cloud on your Wear OS watch, please refer to Email wear settings (to help reproduce issues)
To help me find the cause of a bug you experienced, please send me your settings.  For this, you can use the Backup&Restore functionality of the app to send me your global settings and one or more of your bubble clouds. When exporting you can simply select Gmail (or possible other email app) as the sharing application (instead of Google Drive). Please address email to
I will be able to restore your settings on my test device and hopefully will be able to reproduce and fix the issue.
  1. The global settings can be exported with the command “Backup / Restore” command in the “Widget Preferences” settings group:
  2. Each bubble cloud can be exported from “Widgets + folders”
Of course I handle all your bugreports and backup data confidentially.

Author: greg

the dev