Fat Finger Calculator tile on Galaxy Watch 4

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Version 2.06 adds tile on Galaxy Watch 4:

  • Quickly open the calculator in desired mode:
    • Voice entry (via Google Assistant or Bixby on Galaxy Watch 4)
    • Quick sum mode to easily add up lists of numbers (with single stroke digits support!)
    • Percentage calculator
    • Or one of the basic arithmetic operators as the quick button
  • Since app is using Google’s official Tile API, it only works on Wear 3 watches (only the Galaxy Watch 4 at this time)

Get it on Google PlayGet the app from the Play Store on the watch by searching for “Fat Finger” in the Play Store, or use the “Get it on Google Play” button on a computer (Google fails to provide any way to install Wear OS apps from their Play Store running on Android devices – Is there anything Google is not failing at???)

Video demo (Galaxy Watch 4)

More info

I made a new app for Wear OS: Fat Finger Calculator!

Author: greg

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