Quick tutorial: Galaxy Watch 4 style vertical app drawer

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Here is how to set up Galaxy Watch 4 style vertical Bubble Cloud app drawer in less than 1 minute from install to use:

  • Install the app from the Play Store on the watch
  • Tap “Open”
  • Please read the intro tips.
  • We choose app drawer mode to open via tile.
  • Swipe right and tap the gear shaped Settings bubble
    (It prompts you to install phone app, but it’s not even necessary!)
  • We need only 3 settings:
    • First: set the favorite cloud layout to “circular” – Done!
    • Second: set archive cloud layout to “diagonal” – Done!
    • Finally: set app drawer to vertical – All done!
  • Now we can add the tile
    • by long pressing
    • and selecting “Bubble Cloud Favorites”
    • I move it to the first position
  • And voi’la: you can swipe to see the favorites:
    • Tap the 3 dots to activate the app drawer
    • Swipe up for Brightness-control and all the other bubbles

Done in under 1 minute!

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