How to import custom theme Rich Image?

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Custom themes

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How to import Rich Image

This is a Bubble Cloud Rich Image:

If you share the above image directly from this webpage to Bubble Clouds, this theme will show up in your 1-click themes section!

Careful with the meta-data!

Bubble Cloud Rich Images are standard PNG files with embedded data. You will need to keep the image files intact, otherwise the theme import will fail:

Do not resize, resample or re-compress the image: storing the image in Google Photos for example strips the embedded meta information

Some sharing methods also convert / modify the image: attaching to email is OK, but sending via Hangouts or Facebook Messenger makes them unusable

When downloading, make sure to keep the PNG file format: Google Chrome on Android for example changes the image type to JPG if you select the “Share image” option!
Workaround: download the image and share it from your downloads

Video demo

Watch the following video from 4:27 – “Using a Bubble Cloud Rich-images”

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