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Bubble Cloud is both a widget app, and an app for Wear OS watches.

If you weren’t offered the option to install on your watch, that’s usually because your watch is not compatible.

My app is only compatible with Wear OS watches. Samsung Gear watches use a different operating system (Tizen). GT08, DZ09 and similar Android watches have the regular version of Android intended for phones. Google created the WearOS system specifically for watches.

If you need help setting up the app on your Samsung phone or Samsung TAB I can help (see in section 2)

1) Wear OS

Want to use my app on your Wear OS watch?

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My app is 100% compatible with all Wear OS watches:
  • Fossil watches
  • Mobvoi TicWatch models
  • Huawei Watch 1-2 (not the GT!)
  • ASUS ZenWatch 1-3
  • Sony SW3 (not the SW2!)
  • LG watches
  • Moto 360 models
  • Casio smartwatches
  • Tag Heuer smartwatches
  • Michael Kors watches
  • Skagen Falster 1-2
  • Montblanc Summut 1-2
  • Polar M600
  • Misfit Vapor 1-2
  • and others (see the full list here)

Other Samsung Gear watches use their proprietary Tizen operating system. They are not compatible with Wear OS by Google.

Other (inexpensive) “Android compatible” smartwatches usually have Android(5.1) which is intended for phones, not for watches. They are not Wear OS either. Read more on the subject here:!msg/android-wear/6Af6xFwxapA/svRCzWxSDQAJ

Please read the following post if you want to use Bubble Clouds on your watch: Watch face mode

Let me know if you have a Wear OS watch that I can help with.

Tizen Alternative

If you have a Samsung Gear watch, I found this Tizen app that does something similar on Gear watches:

Please see this post for more Tizen alternatives:

2) Widgets

Bubble Cloud is 100% compatible with Samsung phones and tablets.

3rd party launchers 🙁

My app should work well with 3rd party launchers. But some third party launchers are not so great when it comes to home screen widgets. Bubble Cloud is a pretty advanced widget, which requires 100% compatibility. If the bubbles appear distorted (or they don’t appear at all) it is most probably because the launcher does not implement widgets well enough.

Samsung Launcher ✓

You can always restore the built in Samsung Launcher, which is very good, and 100% compatible.

Nova Launcher 🙂

Or better yet, I usually recommend Nova Launcher, even the free version is very good. I am sure with a good icon pack it can compete with the stock Samsung launcher.

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Launcher Compatibility mode: OFF!

You might have tried to enable launcher compatibility mode. If you use Nova Launcher, you will NOT need that setting!

Please try to turn it OFF before continuing with Nova Launcher.

You can restore the default parameters in Expert mode:

Important: on tablets

Tablets have one special behavior: the launcher can follow the rotation of the device (similar to regular apps). Bubble Cloud is ready for this, though this option is not enabled by default.


  • Enable the option “Launcher rotation”*
  • Adjust the size of the widget at least once if bubbles are distorted

*Launcher rotation is disabled by default to save memory and battery. When enabled: the app needs to generate two different bubble layouts

Please watch:

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Here is a step by step guide on how a widget can be placed using the built in Samsung launcher:

  1. Long press the background: the screen shrinks and shows you your pages:
    Inline image 1
  2. Find a blank page, or use the last page marked with a +
  3. Click on “Widgets” (at the bottom)
    Inline image 2
  4. In the list of widgets, scroll sideways until you see Bubble Cloud:
    Inline image 3
  5. When you click, it will show the three types of bubble clouds, drag the “App Bubble Cloud”:
    Inline image 4
  6. Drag it to the empty page:
    Inline image 1
  7. It will appear small and have the sizing dots around it when you drop it:
    Inline image 7
  8. Drag these sizing dots to fill available space:
    Inline image 8
  9. Press the BACK key to exit widget edit mode
  10. Click on the center icon: it will take you to the screen where you can add bubbles:
    Inline image 9
  11. Press the yellow plus sign to add bubbles: click on the apps you want in the cloud then the checkmark in the upper right:
    Inline image 10
  12. You will have a beautiful cloud of bubbles:
    Inline image 11

Now this is widgets “1.0.1” on Android. Don’t blame me if you find it difficult, this is what Google and Samsung came up with!

We are in luck that I also have a Samsung device and I could show you the exact steps.

There is a lot more, but please watch the product videos, I worked days on them to show you how to edit the clouds etc:

I recommend watching the demo / instructional videos scattered all around the app: just click on the YouTube icons.

Also there is a lot of information on the website, I recommend the Help section in particular, I made tutorials on how to set up Bubble Clouds with many different Launchers.
Please reply here, or email me, if you need more help. 
Did you get stuck? How far do you get? Please include a screenshot, so I understand your question better. (on many phones you can take a screenshot by holding the POWER button and the VOLUME DOWN button at the same time)
(on older Samsung devices you can create a screenshot by pressing the HOME and POWER buttons at the same time):

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Author: greg

the dev