NEW THEME PACK (Paid $0.99)

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NEW THEME PACK (Paid $0.99)
► 5 fun, springtime themes with flowers, birds and butterflies
► 4 fonts (Rocester, Shadows into light, Frivolity, Engagement)
► 2 analog clock bubble designs (StripyPec12 and DottyBic12)
► 3 digital clock bubble designs (Rochester, Butterflies, ShadowsIntoLight)
► 10 matching background textures (5 favorites, 5 archive)
► 5 matching themed bubbles for creating consistent looking watch faces
► both analog clock designs now include beautifully styled seconds hands
► 2 themes offer user customizable background color
► Both for round and square watch shapes
► You can change the watch hand and dial colors too (in phone app)

The new Theme Pack #9 is now available!

Author: greg

the dev