Theme Pack #9 Happy spring

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Theme Pack #9 Happy spring
Coming soon. These are the first draft of the new themes.
Adds 8 new fonts:
► Rochester (1, 12, 11)
► Clicker Script (4)
► Shadows Into Light (5,6)
► Engagement (3, 10)
► Frivolity (7)
► Secret Love Letters (2)
► Julee (8)
► Mouse Memoirs (9)
(mostly handwritten styles except for the last two)

8,9,11 and 12 will let you pick background color

These 5,8,9 and 12 themes use watch hands similar to the style of the Apple Watch. Of course you can use these with other themes and tune their colors.

Themes 5,10 and 12 include clock dials with regular digits, theme 9 has roman numerals and theme 11 has the English words (will not be localized).

Themes 2 and 3 are OLED friendly, but these are the interactive watch faces, only shown for short periods of time, so even the lighter ones will be usable with over 95% black ambient modes.

Author: greg

the dev