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This is an ever expanding post of common problems and their solutions. If you don’t find the answer here, you may add your question in the comments.

Questions about the wear component
Please see

Cannot find the widget
This is launcher-dependent. Look for the app icon, or the 3 widgets (ABC=App/Bookmark/Contact) in your Widgets drawer (long press home-screen or switch from app drawer). Some launchers have difficulty discovering new widgets after install, a reboot always helps. Make sure NOT to move app to SD Card.

Widget was OK, but disappeared after reboot
I am looking into the issue, very sorry for the inconvenience. You can make it come back this way:
Go to Settings/Widget Preferences → Force redraw all widgets

Widget doesn’t look OK
Bubbles are way too far apart, overlap, oval shaped or don’t appear at all: please see post on how to make it work with your launcher.

Widget cannot be resized
This is particular to the Google Now Launcher and launchers based on Trebuchet. If an app gets updated, its widgets cannot be resized until you reboot the phone, OR remove/replace the widget, OR kill/restart the launcher.

Circles are too close/too far apart
Adjust bubble spacing under General Settings

“First widget placed” message pops up every time
Close the message box using the yellow check-mark to get rid of it for good.

Dropzone blocked
Dropzone access needs to be enabled on Huawei phones: Phone Manager / Settings (icon in upper right) / toolbox / dropzone management.

How to delete individual bubbles?
Tap the pencil icon, then the bubble you want to delete → it turns red → tap it to edit/delete. Long press the red trash can icon in the edit dialog box.

No pencil icon
Press the pencil icon to add/remove bubbles from the cloud. You can hide the pencil icon for better aesthetics → use the option “hide pencil” in the General settings card (Bubble Cloud Widgets app). When no pencil is showing, you can still modify the cloud by double tapping the empty area of the cloud. See

I chose to keep bubbles after removing a widget, where are they?
Place a new bubbles widget → you will be prompted to restore the saved bubbles.

I have too many orphaned icon sets listed
Don’t click “Keep” on every cloud you remove. But you can delete saved bubble clouds using “Widgets + Folders” page in the Bubble Cloud Settings app.

I have my launcher set to follow screen rotation
No problem. Just make sure to enable the setting “Rotating launcher” in the “Launcher tweaks” card. It is off by default, because there is a slight overhead for generating two sets of bubbles for all widgets. see

Bubbles keep disappearing
Bubbles grow with use, unused ones shrink in relative size. When they become 20 times smaller than the largest in the cloud, they get deleted. Unless you uncheck “Delete dwarfs” in the Add bubbles screen. Uncheck “Delete dwarfs” in the “Widget Preferences” card to stop deleting in all your widgets, includeing the Bookmarks Cloud.

Maximum number of bubbles in a cloud?
Default: 30. Can be increased to 50 in the Expert section of Bubble Clouds Settings. That’s already way too many. In the premium version you can place as many clouds as you want. You can place several widgets side by side too!

Bubble clouds have some background tint
You can change the background color for each of the clouds (widgets) using the gray square before the widget’s name in the Add Bubble dialog boxes, or set it globally under General Settings. Bookmark bubbles always use the global value. If you don’t want any background tint, set the transparency to full (all the way down). See advanced color tutorial:

How do I make the background transparent on a bookmark bubble widget?
Change the default background color in the “Widget Preferences” card (in Bubble Cloud Settings). Drag the transparency slider (on the right) down to its lowest position. See

Some contact bubbles don’t show the photos
Contact images (and other data) in the contact database are merged together from different sources. Some apps make the data accessible to other applications, others keep it locked down. Facebook for example is notorious for locking down their data, but some other services too. The only fix we found is to re-add images to the affected contacts in the “People” app or in Gmail:

I would rather not have them grow / shrink
You can “freeze” bubble sizes globally for all bubble clouds in the main settings (“Widget Preferences” card), or you can control it on a cloud by cloud basis if you press the pencil then the (+) icon in the clouds. The bookmark bubbles and the archive bubbles on the watch follow the global setting, but in the current state of the app you cannot configure them independently.

May I pick my own colors?
It’s possible for app bubbles and for bubbles of contacts without photos. Turn off Automatic bubble colors in the 3 dot menu of the Add Bubbles screen: you will be prompted for the color of manually added items. To change the color of existing bubbles, you will first have to remove the bubbles, and re-add them with the “Auto-colors” disabled.

Automatic colors are too bright/too dark
Automatic bubble colors are based on the colors from the images, but you have some control over them: depending on your background color choice (gray square before the widget name) lighter colors will be chosen for the bubbles on a darker background, and vice versa. You don’t need to actually have a background shown, just choose dark or light depending on your bubble auto-color needs, and set the transparency to full (all the way down) See

Contact cloud bubble actions: dial vs call
“Dial” prepares the number in your dialer, but lets you confirm the call by letting you press the call button. “Call” calls on one touch.

When I add a contact, how do I select which phone number the bubble will dial?
If a contact has more than one number, you will need to set one of them as the default number. If there is no default set, tapping the contact will bring up the details box for that contact. Same goes for email addresses. Here is how to set defaults:

Is there a way to temporarily disable a play store category filter?
Yes: press the back key quickly when the “Loading” progress bar is showing → you will see all apps, but your auto-populate filters are not modified.

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