v4.43 Next bugfix release

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v4.43 Next bugfix release
►Fixed: Error -505 at installation (8 users reported it, user Mark Farthing helped with logcat, thank you, couldn’t have fixed without you)
►Change: only bubbles on Layer 5 will show up in the “Clock only” ambient screen
►removed limitation on clock hand shape Shahid Naseem 
►minute color was not updated on active watch-face, only on ambient, fixed
►clock, date bubble colors are shown in the Layout Designer preview
►”Hollow/No bubbles” modes are reflected in the designer Shahid Naseem 

Please notice the change
Now you can move bubbles over the clock bubble and not have them shown in the “Clock only” ambient screen. The highest Layer 5 is dedicated to these bubbles. The help diagram is updated accordingly.

Author: greg

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