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v6.78beta → Play
► Slightly increased font size of the Expert trick
► Favorites cloud background cannot be set if “Background by minute of the hour” is enabled. Warning is displayed.
► Invisible delete button in Wear Contacts (thank you +עדיאל שרעבי for the bug report!)
► The very first time the user selects a theme with themed bubbles, it will be switched to filled bubbles and uniform colors for the themed bubbles to show up
► hollow bubbles in archive will use the original icons (not icon packs). In favorites only if uniform color is set
► Contact search in non-latin languages (thank you +עדיאל שרעבי for the bug report!)
► Fixed crash when switching screens after returning from wear contacts screen
► Major update to the WEAR COMPONENT GUIDE linked from the app (“More info online”) FAQ of the most common questions and problems: https://plus.google.com/111815032990260235809/posts/2vEUFCvV4cP

Author: greg

the dev