v9.20 → Play

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v9.20 → Play
► New video showing the watch and the new SmartHome command editor features
► Translations for new features
► Using the new term “Petal options”
► Restored the Polish language (still removed from Store)
► Added padding for SmartHome bubble screen on watch

Video time codes:
0:12 Smart Light bubble with single toggle field
0:46 Smart Switch bubble with multiple toggle fields
1:30 Petal options on the watch
1:57 Insert toggle fields in SmartHome bubble edit screen
2:25 Contact bubbles showing contact options
3:00 New “widget measure” help screen
3:44 Edit contact bubble
4:01 View contact
4:07 Dial / Call a selected number
4:25 Send text to selected number
4:35 Send email to a selected address

Author: greg

the dev