v9.62beta0..2: Clean-up release

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I continue to sort out the small bugs surfacing after the fundamental changes in the last big release. Thank you for all the feedback!

Beta 0

  • Drawer timeout inconsistencies sorted out
  • Moved drawer timeout to WearOS settings group on phone

Beta 1

  • Toggling overlay option on phone did not have an immediate effect on the watch
  • Disable swipe to exit for watchface in non-overlay mode
  • Added cancel button to (light blue) permission request screen on watch
  • Workaround for Wear OS bug: prompt user to toggle Settings permission OFF and ON
  • Couldn’t prompt for phone permission if it was denied permanently
  • Kept asking for unneeded permissions

Beta 2

  • Brightness control on watches with no light sensor (broken in v9.61)  [thank you Anthony Wang for investigating the issue!]
  • Disable Gen 1 Moto 360 auto-brightness bug workaround on newer watches
  • Rare crash when toggling overlay (rootview already null)
  • Digital clock update race condition (unregister receiver while shutting down)

See full changelog from v1.00

Author: greg

the dev