Version 4.69beta submitted to the Play Store

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Version 4.69beta submitted to the Play Store
New app opening animation on the watch:
►more fluid motion
►more snazzy
I hope you’ll like it.

►I made the animation run smoother by only animating the opened bubble and not the whole cloud. I think it looks nicer too.
►In watch-face mode the animation time depends on how long it takes for the particular app to load, still you can touch the screen to exit the animation, but it will exit automatically as soon as the app is fully opened
►Launch animation is disabled by default in app-drawer mode, since there is no way to detect if the selected app opened already
►I cannot get it to be as smooth as I would want: even the Huawei Watch is not powerful enough to run fluid animation and load / open an app at the same time.  I could make the animation smoother if the app would open following the animation, but that would result in slower opening times…

Author: greg

the dev