VERSION 5.37 submitted to the Play Store:

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VERSION 5.37 submitted to the Play Store:
►new margin control (distance from edge of watch)
►new “corners” layout fits better on round watch screens
►option to always use full weather bubbles (even when other bubbles are hollow)
►ability to change the hollow background color of the date bubble (instead of the circle, which is now set to the same color as the full background)

Bug fixes:
►brightness restore at sunrise did not always happen
►archive on the right side was incorrectly paginated
►archive got rotated on charger if you switched sides

Sorry for the frequent updates, this was made necessary because of the various bug fixes included in this release.

To all who reported bugs and suggested features. This release is a product of real community involvement.

If you like the app and the progress please support the project with a 5-star rating. Thank you!

Author: greg

the dev