v5.36beta submitted to the Play Store

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v5.36beta submitted to the Play Store
►Margin = distance from the edge of the screen
   (as suggested by Oliver Lüscher – thank you!)
►New “corners” layout now fits better in round screens
►Bug fix related to brightness restore at sunset/sunrise
►Slightly improved the cloud drawing performance

►increase if you find it difficult to touch bubbles near the edge
►margin is added on all 4 sides (3 sides only on Moto 360)
►the “corners” layout (#7) gets added margins on round watches
►one setting for the two clouds (similar to the variance) Do we need separate?
►by increasing the margin you can now make the “circle” layout (#3) perfectly round even on the Moto 360 where bubbles used to get “dented” at the flat side

Please test the margins with several layouts and bubble count. I did the test on my 2 round watches, but I do not have any square ones.

If all goes well I plan to release the app to production because now it includes some important bug fixes too:
►paginated clouds if app drawer is on the right
►rotated archive clouds if charging screen is enabled and side switched
These should all be fixed now.

Author: greg

the dev