Version 5.45beta

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Version 5.45beta
►New “easy” mode: hide expert options for beginners
►big Polish update (thank you M.Z. Rogon )
►big Italian update (thank you Fabrizio Veronesi)
►weather update failed if no 2nd weather bubble but it’s set to city instead of tomorrows local weather (thank you Fabrizio Veronesi)
►square screen will be detected even if the settings is never opened on the watch (thank you Walter Francis)
►increased battery update frequency after charger is connected or disconnected
►hide stand-up alert’s “dismiss toast” after 3 days (thank you Bobek Jelzin)
►restore image backgrounds after watch reset (I was restoring everything else already)
►option to prevent swipes from switching active/inactive watchface (thank you Joey Navarro)
►will not let you exit cloud while you are in the cloud editor
►optimized APK size: has not been this small since version 5.13 
►changed wording on the stand-up alert buy button “buy/install” → “see in play store” (hopefully less scary 🙂
►wording “Multi-page archives” instead of “Multiple archives”

Please check the app, I had to make some abbreviations where the text did not fit. You can make changes at Please let me know if you do!

I didn’t plan to add the easy mode now (I came up with the idea some time ago, but it felt complicated to add). But with the recent addition of all the new options I had to do something.  I can imagine how it must have felt to a first time user…

Also: some instructions are only shown in under “BASIC”.

Easy mode is enabled for new installers, existing users should see the Expert settings 

I hope it will not backfire: It does hide some of the features, but the switch is hopefully visible enough, and it’s a matter of one toggle to reveal the rest of the options. Added advantage is that the “basic” mode is not different visually, only less crowded. After one gets familiar with the main options, it’s just a matter of adding more switches. We’ll see. I am curious of your ideas.

Author: greg

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