Welcome to the Bubble Cloud Beta Testers community.

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Welcome to the Bubble Cloud Beta Testers community.
Thank you for joining, you will always get early access to the newest features!

1) Before signing up for Beta – if you care for this app – please leave a ★★★★★ rating in the Play Store (sorry to ask but the future of the project depends on this).

2) Then use this link to “BECOME A BETA TESTER”:

3) If you now go to the Play Store page, the version number in the “What’s new” section should be vX.XXbeta, and you should be able to update. You might need to exit the Play Store and open it again for the app info to refresh.

4) As a tester, your app will get more frequent updates, and we can communicate more easily.

Thank you. I hope to serve you well greg


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