How to apply and adjust 1-click themes

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This post includes 3 short tutorials:
  1. Quick apply 1-click themes
  2. Customize 1-click theme component colors
  3. Quickly change background color

A) Quick apply 1-click themes

1. Select “1-click themes” from settings:
2. Choose the theme pack:
3. Choose the theme (the sample pack only has one)
4. Tap “Apply all”
5. The background color picker appears:
6. Pick a color (or press checkmark for default) the color behind the checkmark is the selected color
7. A preview of the watch is shown:

B) Customize 1-click theme component colors

If you want to change the dial/hands color from pink to something else, you will have to go select the theme again, but this time instead of tapping “Apply all”, scroll down and select the dial:
1. mark dial and hands:
2. Enable the switch “Adjust colors”
3. Adjust the color bar and tap “Apply”
4. A preview is shown, but you can keep adjusting the color bars to see an instant preview of the color tweaks:

C) Quickly change background color

If you only want to change the background color (the light blue in my example), you can do it from the Favorite cloud settings:
1. Favorite cloud…
2. scroll to the bottom for background settings. Double tap on the palette icon, or long press the background image icon (if you have a partially transparent background image):
Screenshot_1556125816.png Screenshot_1556125882.png Screenshot_1556125864.png
3. either way, the color picker should appear and you can change the background color:
Screenshot_1556125847.png Screenshot_1556125850.png

Author: greg

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