How to show a notification on phone at a certain watch battery level?

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Using Bubble Cloud’s Battery/Charger Tasker triggers, with the use of Tasker you can implement a “battery empty” or “battery full” notification with a single line of command in Tasker.

For example:

  1. create a Task named “WearBattery20”
  2. The single command in the Task can be Alert → Notification
    image.png  image.png
  3. Make sure to enable the option “Tasker on charger/battery” under More options in Bubble Clouds:

The current options are 20%, 75%, 80%, 95% and 100%. Version 10.15.6 will bring all values from 5% to 100% in 5% increments (5%,10%,15%…95%,100%)


battery full alerts are much more important for battery health!

TicWatch Pro 3 watches, and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are some of the lucky devices which have big enough batteries so we don’t have to fully charge them to 100% every day.  Charging above 80% puts a lot of strain on batteries. In fact, these Li-ion batteries can withstand only 300-500 occasions when they are fully charged to the rim. If you charge every day this could mean wearing down the battery in just a year or so!  If you can keep the charge below 80% you can extend the lifespan of the battery 3-4 times!   This is why most phones and laptops nowadays have such a “Battery conservation” setting, which limits the maximum charge to 60-70-80%, extending their usable years from 2-3 to 6-8 years!

The other extreme is also not healthy for Li-ion batteries, indeed we should not discharge them much below 20%. But the TicWatch 3 Pro already has a built-in setting to go into Essential mode at 20% (virtually no battery drain – setting in the Essential mode app on your watch).

For battery health the best practice is to top up your TicWatch Pro 3 every day to **80%**.  By next morning (or whenever you take off your watch) in 24 hours it will drain to about 35-40%.  Topping up from 35% to 80% takes only 20-30 minutes in my experience.  The battery charge alert is there to tell me when the watch has reached the 80% and ready to start the day with me:

You can read more about the science behind this on my website:

v10.14beta: Battery full alert (audible, on the watch)

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