Bubble trouble on new Samsung launcher? The fix: calibrate!

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Important update

Version 10.2 solves the issue without user intervention. This version is currently available to beta testers. You are welcome to join the beta test with another highly requested addition:

v10.2.0beta: Notification badges on the phone

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If you rather wait for the public release of the automatic fix, you can apply the manual calibration explained in this video:

If Bubble Cloud widgets look like this on your Android 12 / One UI 4 Samsung phone please do the following:

Click on the pencil tool, then on the circle-plus ⊕ tool that appears in its place to get to the Cloud Configuration Screen

Use the “Wrong shape” button, then the “Calibrate Launcher” button.

Now use the dark arrows to change the frame to dark.

You should not see any light frame on either side of this widget.

Then press the white checkmark.

No your bubbles disappear, but the widget is there: you can long press and resize that widget and your bubbles will re-appear.

Any future widgets that you create will look perfect after this.

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