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1) Bubble Widgets + Wear Launcher accesses:
►your contacts database and
►the names of applications installed on your device
for the sole purpose of letting you add them in your widgets. These lists are stored in the protected system memory and are not transmitted in any way from the application.
2) When you use the command “Contact developer”, some technical device information will be included in the email that is prepared by the app, but you can edit or delete the part you don’t want to send.

►External storage: import bubble images, clock bubble graphics
►In-app purchases: upgrade to pro
►Identity: send Gmail from contact cloud
►Contacts: contact cloud
►Approximate location: weather bubbles, local weather
►SMS: send text from contact cloud
►Phone: dial contacts from contact cloud
►Wi-Fi connection information: Wifi toggle bubble
►Full network access: Bookmark screenshots + weather bubbles
►Use accounts on the device: Send gmail from contact cloud
►View network connections: Toggle bubbles
►Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi: Wifi toggle bubble
►Change network connectivity: Wifi toggle bubble
►Draw over other apps: app-tray mini launcher, widget measuring
►Control vibration: haptic feedback on watch
►Run at startup: for auto-populated clouds + watch launcher
►Prevent device from sleeping: find-my-phone wakes device
►Modify system settings: find-my-phone unmutes device
►Install/uninstall shortcuts: bubble cloud folders

Author: greg

the dev