This is what I’m working on: Save your own themes!

Please share:

You will be able to create and share your own themes:

These phone screenshots will give you a better idea:

  • The theme picker will become expandable (already in v9.65beta0)
  • It will include your custom themes too
  • You will be able to partially apply custom themes similarly to themes coming from packs
  • You will be able to share custom themes with other users (first via share-codes later via “rich screenshots” – see future plans)

I am extremely excited about this new feature, I’ve already spent about 100 hours of development work on this in the past week or so…  Within a day or two I might be able to publish the first beta including this new feature!

This is the screen where you can choose what to include in a saved theme:

So you can just decide to create a 1-click theme to restore a certain app-drawer style:

When restored, you will have even more granular control over what settings are used from the theme:

To restore themes based on theme packs, you’ll have to have the packs installed. This is how the share-code can be so compact.

Sharing is caring

Two ways to share:

via Share-code

  • a 30 to 180 character long code which carries all the settings:
    1. Tap the theme’s thumbnail in the 1-click themes section (in the phone app)
    2. Tap “Share code” button
    3. Select app to use to share it. You can also select “Copy to clipboard” to paste later
  • How to use share-codes:
    • Copy/paste into Bubble Clouds using the “Import button”,
    • or highlight and “Share” to Bubble Clouds
    • or (on your phone!) click on a link like this: ShareCode

Here is a share code that will configure the app drawer layout shown above:


Pretty compact, isn’t it?


via Rich-image

Rich screenshots are special (PNG) image files which, when imported into Bubble Clouds, will turn into restorable themes!

The screenshot itself is the share-file! It lets others see a preview of what the 1-click theme looks like. And when imported the settings are contained within.

Example 1:

This is a Bubble Cloud Rich Image of a theme that is made up of standard (recolored) Theme Pack components (from Theme Pack 9).

If you share the above image directly from this webpage to Bubble Clouds, this theme will show up in your 1-click themes section!

Example 2:

The following is a theme that includes custom dials, hands and backgrounds. You can still see the preview screenshot in the upper left, but the custom components are also going to be imported into Bubble Clouds!

Careful with the meta-data

Bubble Cloud Rich Images are standard PNG files with embedded data. You will need to keep the image files intact, otherwise the theme import will fail:

  • Do not resize, resample or re-compress the image: storing the image in Google Photos for example strips the embedded meta information
  • Some sharing methods also convert / modify the image: attaching to email is OK, but sending via Hangouts or Facebook Messenger makes them unusable
  • When downloading, make sure to keep the PNG file format: Google Chrome on Android for example changes the image type to JPG if you select the “Share image” option!
    Workaround: download the image and share it from your downloads

Future plans

  • Not in the first release, but I plan to let you assign themes to bubbles, so you will be able to apply them just by the press of a bubble (or assign a button shortcut to the theme-bubble!)
  • I plan to include custom theme control in the Bubble Cloud Tasker plugin

Author: greg

the dev