Slightly increased battery drain using background providers?

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Slightly increased battery drain using background providers?
► Some image providers use more battery than others…
► Weather backgrounds need to query the location, weather periodically
► Brighter backgrounds use more battery on OLED displays
► Check how frequently the background is refreshed

► Go to the Expert section in settings on the watch
► Enable background dimming to make backgrounds darker: info is more readable + less battery drain by the screen
► Check how often the background image is updated: Weather backgrounds seem to update 4-5 times every hour (185 updates in 40 hours) That is pretty high
► Bubble Clouds already filters out updates within a few seconds: WeatherBackgrounds is doing that too. Without this filtering the update count would be more like 10-15 times an hour! A real battery drainer 🙁

Weatherbackgrounds cause an extra 8-10% drain on my 20 month old Huawei, which is still worth it for me to have a “live” background

Author: greg

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