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8 of the 9 themes in this pack were updated:

New gauge designs

  • Range-type watch face complications can appear as gauges (scale + pointer) → More info
  • Added 5 unique gauge designs to all analog themes in Theme Pack #7
    → see below the active/ambient versions for each
  • These new gauge styles can also be used with any other theme
    → see a few examples below

More versatile fonts

A little Theme Pack font history:

  • Theme Packs 1 through 7 included fonts with only a limited character set: they were aimed to show the digital clock and live info (such as battery percentage and weather).
  • Starting with Theme Pack #8, newer packs were created for Android Wear 2.0 (Wear OS). These include the full English character set, so they could be used for any watch face complication, as well as the peek card (long text complication).
  • Theme Pack #12 goes even further, and it includes full language support to show the time using words in 11 languages.

Theme Pack #7 is brought up to date by updating 4 of the 5 fonts in the pack:

  • Font “Comfortaa” (of themes Comfortaa and RedBluec12) now has full support for 11 languages
  • Font “Masiode” (of themes Masiode and Dots) now has support for 7 languages
  • Font “Enfatica” (of theme Boxic12) now has support for 7 languages
  • Font “Ultima campagnoli” (of theme Campagnolo and Stic12) now supports 10 languages

Note: you need to have the Text Clock plugin (Theme Pack #12) installed for the Text Clock option to become available. But now you will be able to use the themes from Pack #7 to show textual time in their included fonts. Here are a few examples:

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