Introduction to 1-click themes (short video)

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Did you know you can temporarily replace your carefully configured Bubble Cloud watch face theme with a festive one like this? Better yet, you can switch between your themes using true 1-click theme bubbles! It’s very easy to set this up:

  1. First save your current setup under 1-click themes by creating a custom theme.
  2. Then, we can go ahead and install the free Christmas 1-click theme pack for example, and apply any of the included themes.
  3. If we ever want to switch back to our original watch face, we can find it under “My Themes”, and simply apply. Exactly as we had it before.
  4. And we also have this undo button to switch between the last 2 themes.

Now, let’s make them truly 1-click accessible:

  1. First I’ll save this Christmas theme under My Themes also. Instead of applying the custom theme, we can turn it into a “Theme bubble”.
  2. We’ll do the same to our other custom theme. (I created these theme bubbles in the archive now, but we could as well put them into folders of course.)
  3. Now with a single click we can change how our Bubble Cloud watch face looks.

To learn more, watch my in-depth videos on Custom Themes, and how to automatically switch between them using Bubble Cloud’s Tasker plugin.

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Keep enjoying these little clouds of bubbles!

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